Online PR in English

De Bruijn PR advises on social media, content marketing, the use of influencers, content creation and SEO. Online PR is key to the visibility and findability of organisations and brands online. Together we determine which form of online PR best suits a client. We draw up a practical step-by-step plan in which we decide which mix of online channels to use and we create guidelines for regularly postings and sharing content. We also support companies by completely or partially taking over the management of their social media channels.

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We offer:

  • Content creation (blogs, infographics, photo, video)
  • Content calendars and community management
  • The set up and management of social media channels
  • Influencer PR (strategy and advise, negotiation with influencers about content and rates)
  • Website management and design
  • Advice and rollout SEO
  • Advice and set up online newsroom
  • Online monitoring

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